Free gas deliveries in Johannesburg - 9Kg, 19Kg, 48KgFREE Gas Deliveries Within 24 Hours

Henry’s Gas provides free gas deliveries for home, business and industry to the greater Johannesburg area. We value our customers and pride ourselves on delivering best prices, brilliant service and the highest quality LP gas to you. Apart from the cost savings it provides, LP Gas is an exceptional energy source, as it is clean burning, efficient and has a low carbon output.


1 x 9Kg is R190.00. 1 x 19Kg is R390.00. 1 x 48Kg is R995.00. Pricing includes delivery.

Trading Hours

Monday to Friday: 7.30am – 5pm. Saturdays: 7.30am – 12am. Sundays: Closed.

Contact Henry’s Gas

Click to call: 011 789 8968 or 082 457 1095.  Click here to email us.

We are based in Ferndale, Randburg, Gauteng, 2194.

Downloads:  Cooking with Gas   |   Heating with Gas  |  Gas vs Electricity

LPG or LP gas is Liquefied petroleum gas or liquid petroleum gas, and is also referred to as propane or butane. It is not natural gas. LPG or LP gasses are flammable mixtures of hydrocarbon gases, which can be used for Gas cooking, Gas heating, Gas refrigeration, Gas propellant, Gas vehicle fuel and Petrochemical feedstock.

There are a great number of environments where gas is preferred and is more flexible as an energy source, as listed below.

• Gas at home
• Gas in restaurants
• Gas at remote or outdoor events
• Gas where there is no electricity
• Gas in mobile food carts and caravans

• Gas for catering purposes
• Gas for camping
• Gas for feeding large groups
• Gas for off the grid living
• Gas for the braai / barbeque

Gas is more environmentally friendly than electricity.

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