Gas Braai Cylinder Safety

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Gas Braai Cylinder Safety

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It’s summer braai & camping season, make sure you’re safe enjoying South Africa's favourite passtime & your outdoor activities. Here’s a few important safety tips to be  mindful for your gas cyclinder & bottles for your Gas Braai.

Important, General LP Gas Safety Tips

Store gas cylinder in a well ventilated area. These gas bottles should never be stored indoors. Read more about gas poisioning here.

  • Use a cylinder sealing plug, or a Gasfuse to reduce danger from leaks
  • Always keep gas cylinder upright
  • Have your gas cylinder safety inspected every 10 years. There should be an expiry date stamp on your gas bottle
  • Braai gas is not the same as automotive LPG. Never use automotive LPG to Braai
  • Keep children away from gas appliances & cylinders

Connecting The Gas Cylinder

  • Before connecting the cylinder, inspect the hose, fittings & rubber seals If there is any sign of splitting or wear, replace them
  • Make sure all connections are tightened
  • Keep the hose free of knots & kinks
  • To prevent gas leaks connect a Gasfuse to cylinder

Soapy Water Gas Leak Test

As part of your overall safety checks, you should make sure that there are no leaks in your gas bottle/cylinder, hose & regulator & hose. Remember to test often, it only takes a few minutes & you can clean up those dirty hoses & connections too!

Soapy Water Gas Leak Test (How To)

  • Mix a small drop of dish washing detergent or foaming hand soap with water.
  • Place soap solution into a spray bottle, or in a bowl.
  • Switch on the gas bottle without turning on the Braai.
  • Spray the regulator valve, entire hose assembly & attachment at the Braai inlet with the soapy water.
  • If you’re using a bowl of the soap solution, apply with a sponge or brush.
  • If the gas is leaking, you will see bubbles form at the point of the leak - You will also smell gas.
  • If you discover a leak, switch off the gas bottle immediately!
  • Do not attempt to use the Braai until the problem is rectified.

Transporting a Gas Cylinder

  • Ensure cylinder has been leak tested
  • Always keep bottle in an upright position & secured so that it doesn't fall over
  • Drive with the windows open
  • Do not store your cylinder in a plastic milk crate or lug box as this may cause static electricity
  • Do not light a flame or cigarette close to the cylinder
  • Do not leave the cylinder unattended in a vehicle
  • Do not expose the cylinder to direct heat or sunlight in a vehicle or exposed area
  • Drive slower & with care